Current version : OfflineList 0.6.3b

see the SDK here.

Download current version: OfflineList. And last Dat file here.
Download plugins.
Download modules.

Download translation tool: Translator with language file for version 0.6.3b
Translator screenshots: here

If you make a translation please first see the read me in zip file and after the translation send me the generated file at:

Already supported language:

Language version 0.6.3b :
- Chinese(Simp) (Big5)
- Chinese(Simp) (GB2312)
- Chinese(Trad) (Big5)
- Czech
- English
- French
- German
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Polish
- Russian
- Spanish *new*

Language version 0.6.2a (new Translator needed) :
- Portuguese

Language version 0.6.1d (new Translator needed) :
- Danish

Language version 0.6c :
- Dutch
- Norwegian
- Portuguese (Brazil)

Language version 0.5.3 :
- Spanish (Mexico)
- Swedish

Change log:

Version 0.6.3b (25/08/2003)
- Bug fix : In some case the option "Use custom location" was not saved.
- Now after an update OL refresh the picture of the current game.

Version 0.6.3a (21/08/2003)
- now you can reverse the order of the list (in menu "View" or with F4).
- new option for update the dat and images at startup.
- new naming option "%e" for show some comment about the rom.
- SDK 0.4 : the comment are available for the plugin.
- and some little change.

Full log

Screenshots: Chinese(Simp), Chinese(Trad), French.